Eyespot Customizes User-Generated Content Playground for Advertising Industry

<p><strong>Chicago &mdash; July 31</strong><br />Eyespot has launched its Media Campaign platform, an addition to the Eyespot application suite, which enables brand managers and advertising firms to directly harness the energy of social networks and user-generated content (UGC).&nbsp; </p><p>The system allows for the creation of interactive video campaigns that will associate brands with both Hollywood and other professionally produced content.</p><p>In the rapidly evolving Internet economy, Eyespot&#39;s Media Campaign Manager is a market first that empowers the creative industry and communities to initiate their own interactive video-sharing campaigns directly with consumers. </p><p>The unmitigated appeal of UGC is available alongside an array of premium content supplied by producers, networks, studios and record labels to engage with new customers, increase brand recognition and further exploit existing brand loyalty.<br /><br />&quot;User-generated content is the most engaging medium to emerge in a significant period of time &mdash; online video killed the broadcast star,&quot; said Jim Kaskade, Eyespot CEO. &quot;Video mashups are among of the most meaningful ways to strategically gain the attention of sought-after demographics. Using Eyespot to interact with consumers offers a higher ROI, is more quantifiable than traditional mediums, has higher brand retention and is capable of correlating call-to-action campaigns directly to purchase.&quot;<br /><br />The Media Campaign Manager&#39;s robust campaign creation system is especially suited to the needs of advertising and marketing firms. </p><p>This online suite requires no technical expertise and is an easy-to-use administrative content management system that requires only the oversight, leadership and decision making of a brand manager or marketing director.<br…



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