Eye on Certification: Entry-Level Credentials

Many recent polls and studies on the most in-demand skills and certifications in IT have included security, storage, and network and system design — all the specialties one might expect to find. Professionals in these fields typically have a substantial amount of vocational experience, as well as a few high-level certifications.

Entry-level credentials, however, seldom are included in these lists of hot or lucrative IT credentials. This isn’t all that surprising because by their very nature, these certifications avoid highly technical exposure to a particular area of expertise. Instead, they focus only on the fundamentals of IT.

This hardly diminishes the value of these programs for IT professionals, though, especially those just entering the job market. You’ve got to start somewhere, after all, and these credentials are a sound stepping stone to the next level of your career. In addition, these certifications are ideal for employees in other industries who don’t need to be well-versed in a specific forte within IT but simply want to have a strong foundation of computer skills.

This week, we’ll give an overview a couple of the best entry-level offerings in the certification universe.


Certiport’s IC3 credential is a logical place to start because it’s probably the most rudimentary technical certification today. IC3 is designed to provide basic computer literacy and Internet skills to individuals about to enter the job market, commence a higher-education program or just learn IT basics. Participants can be (and often are) as…



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