Executive Speaking Launches Comprehensive Private Coaching for Speaking Skills

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<strong>Minneapolis &mdash; March 10</strong><br />Now, it is no longer enough for business leaders from China, India or Korea to speak English fluently. Today&#39;s speaking demands on business executives at a global level go way beyond speaking English. That&#39;s ground floor.<br /><br />"The real challenge for global business leaders from Shanghai to New Delhi to South Africa to Dubai is how to inspire, how to project warmth and spontaneity, especially when English is your second or third language," said Anett D. Grant, president of Executive Speaking Inc., a global speaking coaching company founded in 1979 and headquartered in Minneapolis.<br /><br />To address this critical need to project leadership presence at a global level, Executive Speaking Inc. launched the Comprehensive Private Coaching program.<br /><br />What is unique about this program is that it helps leaders gain the skills that are universally understood beyond individual cultures.<br /><br />"Projecting authenticity is not a language issue," said Grant. "Projecting authenticity is about how you create smoothness in your sound, how you demonstrate spontaneity in your facial expressions, how you demonstrate ease through your breathing and phrasing."<br /><br />In the Comprehensive Private Coaching program, Grant also addresses another paramount issue: how to communicate complexity with clarity and precision to a broad spectrum of audiences live and over conference calls.<br /><br />"When leaders are on global conference calls at all hours of the day and night communicating strategies and addressing crises, the demand to get to the point and stay focused is essential to keeping the audience engaged," said Grant. Even a one-minute ramble off target can be deadly.<br /><br />What makes the Comprehensive Private Coaching program productive, efficient and attractive for the incredibly busy global executive is that it is intensive, focused and achieves visible, measurable results in just three days.<br /><br />"I have spent over 25 years developing tools that work immediately in every culture. Of course, I can&#39;t help a Chinese executive speak with perfect prepositional structure and tense agreement in three days," said Grant, "but I can help that Chinese leader communicate with a clearer, smoother sound, which makes his or her speaking so much easier to understand &mdash; live and particularly on the conference call."<br />

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