Executive Coaching Not Just for the C-Suite

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<strong>Seattle &mdash; Jan. 30</strong><br />Executive coaching, an investment typically reserved for senior corporate executives, is taking a new direction by linking assessment with performance management through a unique strategic relationship between Impact Achievement Group and OI Partners/Promark Co. of Cincinnati. <br /><br />The relationship offers client companies a way to maximize the performance of their high-potential managers and help them take charge of their career development. Using Impact Achievement Group&rsquo;s Harrison Assessment System, coupled with its Leadership Impact Survey, OI Partners/Promark Co. gives promising managers a way to achieve measurable improvement in their role as leaders. Employers also have a superior way to drive succession planning and performance in their organizations.<br /><br />&ldquo;Traditional executive coaching had an elitist reputation, a privilege reserved for the most senior executives without a focused tie-in with overall business strategies,&rdquo; said Lee Klepinger, president and chief executive of Impact Achievement Group. &ldquo;Coaching should be more closely integrated with performance management, in order to create great leaders at multiple levels of the organization. We are seeing a definite trend in organizations focusing development at all levels of the organization to accelerate the development of their high potential mangers and increase bench strength.&rdquo;<br /><br />OI Partners uses the Harrison Assessment System in concert with the Leadership Impact Survey (LIS) from Impact Achievement Group to provide increased value over typical coaching. The LIS surveys those most affected by the manager&rsquo;s leadership skills &mdash; their direct reports &mdash; to evaluate such competencies as employee engagement, performance expectations and accountability, effective workplace communications, managing performance problems and coaching style flexibility. <br /><br />&ldquo;What&rsquo;s great about the LIS is that it not only gives you feedback in different areas, but also provides the action steps and development advice,&rdquo; said Tim Schoonover, president of OI Partners/Promark Co., a global talent management company specializing in leadership development, executive coaching and career transition. &ldquo;Coaches can help managers build a measurable personal development plan that creates accountability for better performance management within the managers themselves.&rdquo; <br /><br />Schoonover added that when coaching helps individual managers meet personal business outcomes, by definition they are helping companies meet their overall business goals. Executive coaching leveraging the Harrison Assessment and the LIS ideally complements Impact Achievement Group&rsquo;s management and leadership development workshops and tools and engages the individual in the development of his or her career. <br />

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