eTelemetry’s Metron Provides With Visibility

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<p><strong>Annapolis, Md. &mdash; Nov. 14</strong><br />eTelemetry announced the release of a new Manager Portal for Metron, the only network appliance to passively monitor individual and department level bandwidth usage, surfing and IM/chat time.<br /><br />Metron version 1.3&#39;s new Manager Portal ends management&#39;s reliance on IT staff for employee activity data collection. The portal enables managers to monitor the activity of their direct reports &mdash; seeing surf time, chat time, SSH activity and remote desktop sessions in real time, right from their desks. Additionally, managers have the ability to set alerts to identify activities of their direct reports that fall outside of normal business operations.<br /><br />Metron is built on eTelemetry&#39;s patented people-to-IP technology to identify the person by name and location in the organization via a plug-and-play network appliance with a user-friendly web interface. The Employee Behavior and Gateway Anomaly Detection Dashboards featured in Metron provide employee contact information with time-series charts and graphs that show a broad spectrum of employee network activity, including points of contact internally and externally, surf habits and the establishment of secure sessions. Managers can leverage this capability to increase productivity, identify commonly used external resources and enforce network use policies. All of the information provided in Metron is tracked in real time and documented to create a historic record.<br /><br />”Metron&#39;s Manager Portal gives managers unprecedented insight into their employees&#39; network behavior,” said eTelemetry&#39;s president and CEO, Ermis Sfakiyanudis. “With Metron, management will be able to independently gauge network activity, increasing their departmental visibility and eliminating usage report requests for IT staff.” </p>

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