Ernst & Young: Leveraging Business-Savvy IT Veterans

For a company that operates on a global scale and has managed to garner approximately 135,000 employees worldwide, it is imperative for Ernst & Young to adopt a strategic hiring process.

Brandon McTavish, an experienced hire recruiter for Ernst & Young’s Northeast sub-area, recruits consultants for the company’s advisory services practice who in turn venture forth across the Northeast to service clients. The company employs roughly 180 highly qualified individuals who focus on IT consulting in the Northeast.

The advisory services practice offers its clients an array of information technology services.

The IT Makeup at Ernst & Young

The largest group of IT professionals is the IT risk and assurance team. “They offer information security and privacy, IT audit support and third-party reporting advisory services,” McTavish said.

“Another group we have is called our IT advisory practice, and they’re really divided up into a lot of different services,” he added. “The major ones are IT strategy, IT effectiveness and transformation, IT operations and management, enterprise infrastructure and application advisory effectiveness.”

In addition, there’s a team of senior professionals who are referred to as the IT advisory group.

“The leaders of the IT advisory team who have joined the practice recently have been CIOs in other firms, senior managers [or] vice presidents in other companies and have come here to focus in on a number of different areas,” McTavish explained.

One of the fastest growing teams in the IT advisory group is the enterprise applications team, which comprises…

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