Equifax’s TALX Unit Adds Major Clients

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<p><strong>Atlanta &mdash; Nov. 7</strong><br />Equifax Inc. announced that its newest business unit, TALX, a provider of human resource and payroll-related services, continues its strong momentum since it became part of Equifax in May 2007. Leading the way for TALX is its automated employment and income verifications service, The Work Number®. Since May, The Work Number has added 67 clients. Among these notable customers are Hilton Hotels, Kindred Health Care, Rent-A-Center and the United States Postal Service.<br /><br />These new clients represent an addition of more than 5 million total employment records, of which 4 million are active employment records. This added growth reflects an 86 percent increase in active employment records and a 67 percent increase in the number of records added over the same period in 2006. <br /><br />&ldquo;The Work Number&rsquo;s strong performance is a positive reflection upon our continued momentum and reliable business solutions, said Bill Canfield, TALX president. The Work Number also serves clients in all industries, including market segments that are significant components of Equifax&rsquo;s unique history and continued success. Mortgage, pre-employment screening, consumer finance, government agencies, health care, hospitality, insurance and others all benefit from the up-to-date employment information provided by The Work Number.&rdquo;<br /><br />&ldquo;Both Equifax and TALX customers now have the opportunity to access critical information that can help their businesses, whether it is for employment verification, consumer or business information, or enabling technologies to help deliver the data in the most efficient manner,&rdquo; said Rick Smith, Equifax chairman and CEO. &ldquo;I am very pleased that TALX continues to deliver excellent performance since we closed on our acquisition in May.&rdquo;<br /><br />Equifax customers can access The Work Number services via Equifax&rsquo;s ePort online ordering system (https://www.eport.equifax.com/eport/index.html).<br /><br />Through The Work Number, authorized organizations needing to verify employment and income information access approximately 159 million employment records online or via an automated phone system. The Work Number has grown to become the largest central source for instant employment and income data in America &mdash; a one-stop shop for lenders and others trying to close paperwork on the spot. </p>

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