Equaterra Wins Sourcing Relationship and Person of the Year Awards

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<strong>Houston &mdash; April 18</strong><br />EquaTerra announced it won awards in two categories during the fourth annual HROA Awards Gala at the 2008 HRO World conference in New York City. The first was with E.W. Scripps for 2008 Sourcing Relationship of the Year, and the other went to Lowell Williams, EquaTerra&rsquo;s executive director of hr advisory services, as HROA Person of the Year.<br /> <br /><strong>2008 Sourcing Relationship of the Year</strong><br />Richard Crespin, HROA&rsquo;s global executive director said when delivering the award to E.W. Scripps and EquaTerra, &ldquo;As one of the largest and most comprehensive mid-market outsourcing relationships ever undertaken, your teams found themselves in relatively unchartered waters. The EquaTerra-Scripps team undertook a process to define a comprehensive scope and explain that scope to the provider community. One of the most ingenious outcomes from this relationship was that it forged new ground in the middle market. The relationship and the initiative helped define some of the &lsquo;templates&rsquo; service providers will now use to create repeatable solutions for the middle market. As a result, middle-market providers and buyers can now gain economies of scope and scale. Partnering with EquaTerra, Scripps push[ed] the envelope and the result speaks for itself &mdash; the insightful processes and innovative design that EquaTerra brought will serve as the model for mid-market engagements for years to come.&rsquo;&rdquo;<br /> <br /><strong>2008 Person of the Year: Lowell Williams</strong><br />When presenting the Person of the Year award to Lowell Williams, Crespin said, &ldquo;Lowell, this is a singular distinction. You have earned an honor bestowed on a very select few. It is often said, to understand someone else&rsquo;s perspective, walk a mile in his shoes. You have walked many a mile in all of our shoes. You have served as an HR practitioner and buyer, as a provider of service and now as a sourcing adviser. You bring to your job and our industry a unique understanding of what it means to play each of these roles. As a result, every day you help advance our industry through your collaborative and thoughtful approach to resolving issues and advocating for the improvement of the practice of HR transformation. You helped to bring the OpenDoorHRO initiative to set standards and practices into being and led the contribution of this valuable intellectual property to the HROA as a further evolution of its own standard-setting work. In your day job you help advance the understanding of buyers of all sizes, and in your free time you help improve the basis upon which all HRO is built. Lowell, for all these reasons and many more, you are the HROA&rsquo;s Man of the Year.&rdquo;<br />

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