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Novato, Calif. — Feb. 5
Enwisen, which specializes in on-demand workforce communications, announced its sponsorship of Aberdeen Group’s research benchmark, entitled “All Aboard: Effective Onboarding Strategies and Techniques.” In the report, Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks company, examined three key performance criteria to distinguish best-in-class companies’ use of on-boarding. The research uncovered that, as a result of the strategy, capabilities and technology utilization related to on-boarding, 100 percent of best-in-class organizations improved year-over-year new hire retention, 60 percent reduced time-to-productivity for new hires, and 57 percent increased completion rate for on-boarding tasks and activities.

Shrinking talent pools, coupled with high recruiting costs, have created a critical need to retain new hires and enable them to perform productively in their new capacity and environment. Many organizations are looking beyond traditional new hire orientation programs and towards formalized on-boarding strategies. The Aberdeen report is based upon the compilation of 794 survey responses, primarily from human resource and line of business managers. Among their findings was that best-in-class organizations are identifying HR and business issues — such as new-hire retention — that can be addressed by on-boarding and are implementing programs and measures to improve these situations.

Enwisen’s Web-based on-boarding solution — known as AnswerSource Onboarding — orchestrates the entire on-boarding process. AnswerSource Onboarding enables companies to on-board their new hires from “day zero” as it even allows them to pre-board from home in advance of their first day. AnswerSource Onboarding works in concert with existing HR applications — such as applicant tracking systems and HRMS — by capturing and routing new-hire data electronically and effortlessly.

Kevin Martin, research director of human capital management at Aberdeen, shared, “Technology is undoubtedly playing a vital role in achieving high performance in new-employee retention and productivity. In fact, our data showed that companies that automate elements of their on-boarding process are 59 percent more likely to achieve best-in-class status than companies that don’t.”

As a sponsor of the Aberdeen on-boarding report, Enwisen is offering complimentary copies of the research report.

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