Enterprise WLAN: Still Growing

The above reference to the Energizer Bunny notwithstanding, the enterprise market for 802.11 WLAN products is still growing, not just chugging along like that pink bunny.

According to Infonetics Research, annual revenue is expected to grow in the double digits through 2010, as end-user organizations across most verticals adopt WLAN equipment to leverage the benefits of mobility for data and voice networking.

If you’re anywhere near the WLAN industry, that’s just more good news. It’s even better news if you are seeking a career in the WLAN sector. More equipment in the enterprise means more jobs in the enterprise, because, like it or not, it takes people to plan, stage, install, implement, troubleshoot, administer and secure any network.

An enterprise WLAN is no different: It takes the right training to implement enterprise wireless LAN technology properly. The CWNP program offers the only vendor-neutral WLAN certifications in the IT industry. CWNP teaches the technology behind every product.

Unfortunately, far too many enterprise IT engineers take wireless for granted, ultimately because of the term “plug and play.” Go down to your local computer or electronics store and you can get a really good, feature-rich 802.11a/b/g and now 802.11n WLAN router for $75 or so. That’s great. It’s great because what people use in their homes is being pushed more and more into what they use in their workplace, and WLAN is the rule, not the exception, to that market trend.

What’s not so great is some — not all,…



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