Enterprise IT Budgets Swing Back Into High Gear

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There’s more good news on the IT economic horizon, some 53 percent of enterprises polled for Evans Data Corp.’s Spring 2004 Enterprise Development Management Issues Survey say they will increase their IT budgets this year. That means more jobs, opportunities and bonuses for those who may have suffered in recent months. Additionally, two-thirds of enterprises have increased the volume of development projects. Shelved IT projects are back on track, and innovative new projects are more favorable now than in past months.

Further evidence of an upswing in IT, almost 40 percent of enterprise companies have increased developer headcounts over the past six months, while only 13 percent of companies reduced staff. Some 60 percent expect to spend more for application servers in 2005. Other survey findings from the June survey of more than 400 development or IT managers with more than 1,000 employees include:



  • Six out of 10 enterprise companies outsource at least some of their development to an outside party, which means there are lots of consulting opportunities out there for marketing-savvy IT pros. Some 27 percent of companies have increased outsourcing, while 8 percent have reduced it. India remains a popular destination for offshore development, holding 30 percent of all outsourced projects.
  • Three out of four enterprises expect to run Linux in some capacity this year, and 36 percent say they either “absolutely” or “probably” plan to deploy Linux on workstations, a 52 percent increase from last year.
  • Companies are pouring more money than ever into enhancing their system security with 55 percent increasing their security budgets, up from 48 percent a year ago. Understandable, since 84 percent of respondents report incidents with worms and viruses.


For more on this topic, visit http://www.evansdata.com.

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