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Studying for any test can be nerve-wracking. Add distractions – TV, chocolate, forgotten dust bunnies in the link trap beneath the fridge – it can be difficult to find the time and wherewithal to knuckle down and get to work. Further, it can take even more time to decide which method of study will bring you to a high enough skill level to pass the certification exam you’re working toward. There are a dozens of ways to study and even more study materials to choose from. But a recent Web poll showed that the majority of you prefer tried and true classroom instruction, some 35 percent of you to be exact. This might be because today’s lecture environments frequently also include a virtual or physical lab component that allows you the advantage of learning with real equipment, which can help cement concepts and theory with the application of form and function. It’s a blending of old and new learning methods that work well for many attempting to earn certification credentials. Certified and custom training program provider Productivity Point International recently released a study showing that custom virtual instructor-led training initiatives reduced help desk call volume by some 74 percent at a large pharmaceutical company. The relevance of this pharmaceutical company’s success to the IT certification world is in the nature of the learning. Virtual instructor-led training elements are increasingly popular for IT certification classroom activities and the results, as evidenced by the dramatic numbers conveyed in the PPI study, are notable. Additionally, traditional classroom instruction augmented by virtual lab elements also open learning options to more students, at more times, in multiple locations. So if your classroom instruction does not include a virtual lab element, you might want to look for a class that does. Learning in class, with peers and a capable instructor available for collaboration and special attention can only be enhanced by a virtual lab component that blends lecture and presentation with the actual technology you’ll be using on the job.


– Kellye Whitney, Associate Editor

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