Engineers, IT Staff Among Hardest to Fill Positions

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Milwaukee — May 28
Engineers, nurses and skilled/manual trades are among the nation’s most challenging positions to fill, according to survey findings released today by Manpower Inc.

“In the four years we have performed this research, the same positions appear on the list again and again,” said Jonas Prising, president for the Americas. “Despite the current economic instability and high unemployment, there are still skills that the U.S. workforce seems to lack.”

The 10 hardest jobs to fill, as reported by U.S. employers for 2009, are:

  1. Engineers
  2. Nurses
  3. Skilled/manual trades
  4. Teachers
  5. Sales representatives
  6. Technicians
  7. Drivers
  8. IT staff
  9. Laborers
  10. Machinist/machine operators

Each of the 10 job categories on the 2009 list has appeared on the Hardest Jobs to Fill list in the past. Technicians, machinist/machine operators and sales representatives have been present all four years. Engineers, drivers and laborers have appeared three out of four years, and nurses, teachers, skilled/manual trades and IT staff have been present in two of the four years Manpower has performed the survey.

Even with unemployment at or near record levels in many communities, Manpower’s research highlights the problem many employers are having finding individuals with the right combination of job-specific skills, experience, training and soft skills.

“While talk has slowed in the U.S. about the pending talent shortage, it is becoming more clear that there is a talent disconnect,” said Melanie Holmes, vice president of world of work solutions for Manpower North America. “Our workforce needs to be more open to retraining and upskilling for jobs that are in demand. And our government, business leaders and educational facilities need to take action together to ensure students are being enticed to enter these fields.”

The U.S. findings are part of a Manpower global study that surveyed more than 39,000 employers across 33 countries and territories in January. Positions in the skilled trades, sales, technical work and engineering remain the most difficult for employers to fill globally. Manpower surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. employers in the fourth annual survey to determine which positions employers are having difficulty filling this year.

Melanie Holmes will be responding to comments about this new research and what it means to both employers and job seekers live at on June 3 from noon – 2 p.m. CT.

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