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<strong>Owings Mills, Md. &mdash; Jan. 30</strong><br />Employment Background Investigations Inc. (EBI), an industry leader in the global background screening, drug testing and occupational health care solutions arenas, recently unveiled RandomTrac, its new cutting-edge drug and alcohol screening management solution.<br /><br />RandomTrac joins FormServ and CNet-Link as the third module in EBI&rsquo;s highly touted and innovative MyEBI Drug Testing Program Management System. The RandomTrac Web-based application, developed by EBI, provides clients with a secure platform that allows for the maintenance and management of Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT random population listings &mdash; conveniently housed in one location.<br /><br />RandomTrac comes complete with a scheduling module that makes setting up and maintaining random testing pools effortless. Once a user schedules the parameters of testing and what percentage of the pool needs to be screened, RandomTrac&rsquo;s smart design will automate the process and virtually manage all prescheduled tasks.<br /><br />In addition to automatically selecting personnel for random screenings, RandomTrac users will be able to easily manage their roster(s) through real-time updates, edits and changes. RandomTrac&rsquo;s comprehensive auditing feature will ensure all designated employees are taking the required drug and alcohol tests. RandomTrac also features a powerful array of reporting that links all results to a common outlet for easy access and analysis.<br /><br />&ldquo;RandomTrac offers endless streamlined efficiency to our clients in need of a DOT compliant random drug and alcohol testing program,&rdquo; explained Sandra Serrano, executive director of EBI&rsquo;s Occupational Healthcare Solutions Division. &ldquo;This user-friendly system was created to help our clients design, track and maintain random screening lists in Just One Click. RandomTrac will drastically reduce the amount of time a client spends on their random lists.&rdquo;<br /><br />Rick Kurland, president and CEO of EBI stated, &ldquo;The robust features in RandomTrac amplifies our mission to provide best-in-class hiring solutions and risk mitigation resources with a partnership attitude, stellar technology and legendary customer care. We are excited about RandomTrac and the positive effect it will have on our clients&rsquo; workflows.&rdquo;<br />

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