Employees Can Now Grade Their Employment

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Carrollton, Texas — Feb. 12
LeafsOfTalent.com Inc., an online African American owned recruiting firm, has created the first-ever employer grading software that allows employees the ability to rate their employers on a circular platform. It’s like giving the boss and company a personal grade without the formalities involved.

The grading software was designed with the employee in mind, giving them complete control over the grading process that covers 10 carefully selected performance categories. Categories range from how management is perceived by the employee to how the company is viewed by customers based on the employee’s own point of view — and yes, the employee has an option to add written opinions to rating scores that will ultimately translate into final grades of an A, B, C, D and F.

The company’s founder, John C. Sudds, is excited about the potentialities of the online software and is most thrilled by the service’s ability to extend a deliberate grading invitation to employees without obtaining the employer’s permission. Employees have at their leisure a means to provide such grades anytime or anywhere so long as they have access to a computer.

In creating the service, LeafsOfTalent and software developers focused on the software’s ability to protect minors while also providing for anonymity and security that exceeds industry standards. While the company realizes there may be moments where users provide ratings and opinions stemming from malicious behavior, it firmly believes most users will grade their employers candidly, and as a result, companies of all disciplines could be cast in an admirable environment or one that may raise negative scrutiny because of recurring low scores.

However, to prevent subscriber abuse, mechanisms are built into the software’s functionality, as well as terminology added to the site’s terms of use and conditions that is centered on a human honor system. Either way, LeafsOfTalent’s management believes its grading software will provide the general public with valuable information on companies based on the employees’ perceptions.

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