Employee Ownership Conference Attracts Business Leaders to Chicago

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More than 750 business leaders and employee ownership and equity professionals will gather in Chicago April 2-4 for the 2008 Employee Ownership Annual Conference, presented by the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) and the Beyster Institute at the University of California, San Diego&rsquo;s Rady School of Management. The conference is one of the largest events of its kind in the country, drawing representatives from many leading employee-owned companies, top experts and service providers and businesspeople interested in exploring the employee ownership strategy.<br /> <br />&ldquo;Why is this conference important news? Because employee ownership has become a major feature of the U.S. economy. Thirty-eight percent of employees who work for companies with stock are owners of shares in their companies. Employee ownership companies perform better than their counterparts, and employee owners build more wealth,&rdquo; said Corey Rosen, executive director of NCEO. <br /> <br />&ldquo;We are happy to be holding the conference in the Midwest, home to many thriving employee-owned companies,&rdquo; said Beyster Institute Executive Director Ray Smilor. &ldquo;These companies create jobs and prosperity in the communities where they operate.&rdquo; <br /> <br />Highlights include:<br /> <br /><ul><li>A keynote address by Dean Schroeder, co-author of the book Ideas are Free, on April 4. Dr. Schroeder will share his findings on how the best companies consistently get ideas from their frontline employees.</li><li>The announcement, on April 3, of the winners of the 2008 &ldquo;Innovations in Employee Ownership Awards&rdquo; sponsored by TEOCO. </li><li>More than 50 sessions in five learning tracks: Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Basics, ESOPs: Beyond the Basics, Equity Compensation, Communications and Culture and Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Topics addressed will include case studies on dynamic companies such as clothing designer Eileen Fisher that involve and engage their employees in decision making, as well as sessions on technical issues such as Internal Revenue Code Section 409A, ESOP repurchase obligation and succession planning.</li></ul> <br />The NCEO is a nonprofit research and education organization established in 1981 by Corey Rosen. The NCEO is based in Oakland, Calif., and is widely recognized as the source for accurate, unbiased information on ESOPs, stock options, other forms of equity compensation and ownership culture.<br />

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