Emirates Group Selects Plateau for Enterprisewide

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<p><strong>Arlington, Va. &mdash; July 2&nbsp;</strong><br />Plateau Systems, a provider of talent management software, content and services, has announced that the Emirates Group, which operates one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world, has selected Plateau&rsquo;s learning management systems (LMS) to support learning and development for its global workforce.<br /><br />&ldquo;In an increasingly competitive and demanding environment, retaining the quality and effectiveness of learning and development while reducing costs is a key focus of the Emirates Group,&rdquo; said Linda Al Ansari, Emirates Group manager of training and development, e-learning and IT. &ldquo;Plateau is a critical enabler of our flexible learning and development strategy. As a critical part of the core infrastructure for our learning initiatives, Plateau will enable Emirates to meet current and future corporate training needs while facilitating and expediting employee and partner training and development across the globe.&rdquo;<br /><br />To support its continued business growth and expansion, Emirates has adopted a learner-centric approach to training employees and partners.&nbsp; </p><p>This initiative encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own learning and development, and it allows training and development professionals within the organization to focus on enhancing performance and facilitating learning.&nbsp; </p><p>In selecting a technology partner to compliment and enable this initiative, Emirates outlined key business and technical requirements and assessed vendors according to detailed feature and functional criteria, including scheduling, registration, course delivery and tracking, standards support and compliance, scalability, ability to integrate with third-party tools and systems and ease of use. <br /><br />Following a thorough evaluation, Plateau was selected as the enterprisewide infrastructure for delivering and managing online learning to support the training and development of Emirates&rsquo; employees, partners and customers worldwide.&nbsp; </p><p>Plateau also will be used to track and improve Emirates&rsquo; training effectiveness and performance.<br /><br />Emirates Group highlighted Plateau&rsquo;s proven scalability, strong customer satisfaction and support ratings, as well as compliance with critical learning industry standards, including SCORM and AICC, as key factors driving their selection. <br /><br />&ldquo;We are pleased that Emirates has selected Plateau as the underlying infrastructure supporting their training and development initiatives,&rdquo; said Paul Sparta, Plateau chairman and CEO. &ldquo;As a leader in the highly competitive travel and tourism market, Emirates is an excellent example of an organization looking to increase growth and sustain competitive advantage by implementing an effective people management strategy that focuses on empowering employees within the organization to advance their training and development.&rdquo;</p>

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