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According to research conducted by EMC Corp., 76 percent of IT storage managers in large-enterprise companies are struggling as the increasing volume of data drives the need for more storage. This explosion of data and the businesses’ growing dependence on digitized information are leading to larger and more complex storage environments that are increasingly challenging to design, build and manage.

Storage infrastructure is mission critical, and nearly 40 percent of infrastructure budgets are allocated to storage-related products and services. EMC, a storage and management technology company, offers training through its education services that can help IT storage professionals gain the knowledge and skills they need to master storage concepts and technologies, including “open” storage technology, as well as EMC technology and role-specific curriculum and certification.

Training and Certification Options
Certification validates the strategic knowledge transfer required for IT professionals to fully optimize their increasingly complex technology environments and to realize the full potential of their information life cycle management strategies. With this validation, organizations can readily identify and assess competency levels required to enable highly available environments and enhance the business readiness and the ROI of their technology investments.

The EMC Proven Professional Certification program enables professionals to validate their skills in many storage technology capabilities and concepts, as well as master the organizational challenges posed by the explosion of data. Becoming certified can open new doors in your career by developing an area of expertise that enables you to move from an individual contributor to a technology adviser.

The EMC Proven Professional learning framework helps professionals and companies define their education needs. EMC field experts participate in the design, development, validation, testing and delivery of EMC training. The exam-based training, certification and accreditation program is the most comprehensive certification program in the information storage and management industry. Since its inception, more than 10,000 EMC Proven Professional certifications have been issued to EMC customers, partners and employees.

Role-Based Learning Framework
There are six tracks within the EMC Proven Professional Certification framework, with up to six specialties a track. IT professionals who are new to storage, support storage infrastructures, or manage and make decisions on storage technologies, may pursue the storage technologist track for broad-based learning across all segments of storage technology. IT professionals with hands-on responsibility for EMC products and solutions who seek in-depth learning and specialization in EMC products and related technologies should pursue one of five tracks: storage administrator, technology architect, customer engineer, implementation engineer or product/technology-specific certification.

Storage Technologist Certification
EMC recently introduced a unique, “open” storage technologist curriculum and certification track to provide IT professionals with a strong foundation for designing and managing a storage infrastructure using heterogeneous technologies. The storage technologist curriculum will help expand your knowledge to facilitate more strategic and informed decisions about storage technology. The first course, Storage Technology Foundations, focuses on concepts, principles and theory of operations rather than specific products.

This new curriculum is offered through EMC Education Services, universities, EMC Academy Program and Learning Partners, enabling all IT professionals an opportunity to earn EMC’s Proven Professional Storage Technologist Certification.

EMC Proven Professional Storage Technologist Certification validates knowledge of:



  • Modern storage subsystems
  • Information-availability concepts
  • Connectivity
  • Storage networking (SAN, NAS and CAS)
  • Information availability and management


Storage Administrator Certification
IT professionals with hands-on responsibility for EMC products and solutions who seek in-depth learning and specialization in EMC products and related technologies should consider the storage administrator role-based curriculum and certification tracks. EMC technology-specific training will help those who manage EMC products on a daily basis reduce on-the-job errors, boost their productivity and resolve problems faster and more accurately. The storage administrator track ensures participants can use and manage EMC storage solutions to meet many technical requirements in dynamic data center or IT environments.

The EMC Proven Professional storage administrator certification validates knowledge in the following areas:



  • Usability and administration of EMC information storage and management solutions.
  • Development of expert knowledge in the management of EMC solutions in heterogeneous data center environments.
  • EMC best practices for fully leveraging integrated storage solutions for information management, protection and sharing.


Storage Administrator Specialties
The storage administrator certification track has six related specialties that develop expert knowledge in the management of backup and recovery, storage management, networked storage, Symmetrix business continuity and networked storage solutions in heterogeneous data center environments.



  • Storage Administrator – Backup and Recovery Specialty
  • Storage Administrator – Storage Management
  • Storage Administrator – Networked Storage – SAN
  • Storage Administrator – Networked Storage – NS Solution
  • Storage Administrator – CLARiiON Solutions
  • Storage Administrator – Symmetrix Business Continuity


Product/Technology-Specific Certification
EMC end-user customers or partners who are responsible for implementing, using, and managing specific EMC products or technologies should consider the product/technology-specific curriculum and certifications.

These certifications validate knowledge of focused EMC products or technologies rather than a broad range of related technologies or roles such as:



  • EMC technology: Mainframe business continuity (design, implement and manage EMC Symmetrix-based business continuity solutions for mainframe environments).
  • Local and remote replication technologies to support highly critical BC/DR requirements in MF environments.
  • EMC products such as NetWorker 7.2.


EMC offers more than 130 training courses via e-learning, EMC LIVE Virtual Classroom, instructor-led training (available at more than 70 training centers) and video instructor-led training (delivered via CD-ROM).

Streamlined EMC e-learning packages align with each of the associate level exams. For example, EMC Technology Foundations is targeted at EMC products and related technologies, and Storage Technology Foundations is an open curriculum based on modern storage concepts and principles across all segments of storage technology.

EMC Education Services continuously expands its offerings to enable current and future IT professionals, at all stages in their careers, to achieve their learning objectives.

Alok Shrivastava is senior director of EMC Corp. He can be reached at ashrivastava@certmag.com.

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