Elluminate Announces New Podcasting Product

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<p><strong>Fort Lauderdale, Fla. &mdash; Nov. 7</strong><br />Elluminate Inc., a provider of live e-learning and Web collaboration solutions for the real-time organization, announced the availability of Elluminate Publish!(tm) The client-licensed product creates portable, reusable learning content from any Elluminate Live!(r) session recording in a standards-based podcast format or stand-alone Elluminate Unplugged format. For use on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS platforms, Elluminate Publish! enables users to leverage the content of any Elluminate Live! session for convenient anywhere, anytime playback.<br /><br />With the Elluminate Publish! product, users can quickly create audio podcasts for playing on an Apple iPod or any other portable MP3 player. The audio files can be produced in MP3, MPEG-4, Ogg Vorbis or uncompressed WAV formats for storage in a content management system or on a portal or Web site.<br /><br />In addition, users can also create Elluminate Unplugged stand-alone recordings to post to a Web server, send out via e-mail or distribute on CD. These Unplugged recordings are still played back within the Elluminate application, thus providing all the interactivity of the Elluminate Live! sessions, including the ability for recording viewers to:<br /><br />&bull; Save or print the whiteboard and/or the text chat (if allowed during the live session)<br /><br />&bull; Save original files (such as homework assignments in any format) that were transferred during the live session<br /><br />&bull; View user profiles of live session attendees (if allowed during live session)<br /><br />&bull; Automatically be pushed to Web sites shown using Web Tour in live sessions that allow functionality such as accessing a Web-based test or survey to provide feedback about the session<br /><br />The new Unplugged format means that anyone can view the content, even if they are not connected to the Internet or if they have never participated in an Elluminate session.<br /><br />”Elluminate has taken a step toward a Web-delivered, ubiquitous and standards-based recording platform,” said Ben Rogers, digital media engineer, Office of Information Technology, Duke University.<br /><br />”Elluminate Publish! is very easy to use. I&#39;ve chosen to just download the .JNLP file to my desktop and convert to a 32Kbps MP3 file,” said Corey Dickey, Lancaster-Lebanon School District. “We would like to start podcasting, and since we already have the content in Elluminate, there is no need to replicate our efforts.”<br /><br />”We are very excited to add Elluminate Publish! to our comprehensive e-learning and Web collaboration solution in response to customer demand,” said Maurice Heiblum, president of Elluminate USA Inc. “With Elluminate Publish!, academic institutions, corporations and other organizations can leverage the valuable learning content of their Elluminate Live! sessions in a cost-effective, convenient manner.” </p>

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