EK3 Enters Global Partnership with Gas Pump Manufacturer Dresser Wayne

<p><strong>London, Ontario &mdash; Aug. 2</strong><br />EK3 Technologies Inc., a global provider of digital merchandising, has announced an exclusive global partnership with gas pump manufacturer Dresser Wayne, whereby EK3&#39;s innovative digital signage will be installed on gas pumps in 115 countries worldwide.<br /><br />EK3&#39;s digital signage, also known as &quot;narrowcasting,&quot; uses data from a business to customize streaming video displays embedded in the gasoline pump or displayed in the station&#39;s convenience store &mdash; reaching customers right at the point of purchase.<br /><br />The EK3-Dresser Wayne partnership allows station owners of any size to customize promotions, offer printable coupons, build brand loyalty and engage in &quot;day parting&quot; such as promoting coffee and breakfast foods<br />in the morning and soft drinks and snacks in the afternoon. </p><p>The digital signage, which is part of Dresser Wayne&#39;s iX Media platform for gas stations, also provides new local advertising opportunities for station owners.<br /><br />The partnership, which brings together products of EK3, Dresser Wayne and Microsoft, already is being used at some chains, such as BP Amaco sites and The Home Depot gasoline stations and the Army Air Force<br />Exchange Services.&nbsp; </p><p>It is due to launch in Europe in September.<br /><br />&quot;Dresser Wayne&#39;s commitment to innovation allows station owners worldwide to drive business by using unique customer data to deliver marketing messages that impact sales and create greater customer loyalty,&quot; said Nick Prigioniero, EK3 president and CEO. &quot;Being selected as Dresser Wayne&#39;s global partner reaffirms our industry leadership position and greatly expands the reach of our…



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