Eedo ForceTen LCMS Leads Industry With Built-In Technical Controls for FDA Regulation

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<strong>Nashua, N.H. &mdash; March 25</strong><br />Eedo Knowledgeware announced that ForceTen, its award winning learning content management system (LCMS), provides built-in technical controls for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration&#39;s 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 11.<br /><br />The FDA regulation is a means to ensure that drugmakers, medical device manufacturers, biotech companies, biologics developers and other FDA-regulated industries document their processes and procedures to prove the integrity and authenticity of electronic documents and systems. In learning content and knowledge management that means using a fully configurable LCMS, such as ForceTen, that is able to track and trace when learning content has been added, changed and deleted, and by whom, using secured electronic signatures and electronic acknowledgements.<br /><br />"Content management is proving to be a key challenge for companies across all industry segments, but especially in those such as aviation, life sciences and finance where employees must meet stringent regulatory requirements," said Josh Bersin, president of Bersin & Associates, a research and advisory firm focusing on enterprise learning and talent management. "Today, most companies have extensive learning resources. Finding a way to efficiently manage and update these resources, track their use and provide the reporting that meets agency requirements is a huge issue for most of the companies we talk with."<br /><br />"With many of our customers in highly regulated industries, such as life sciences, banking, finance and aviation, we have ensured our product suite supports industry standards to enable our customers to leverage Eedo for compliancy," said John Hudson, president and CEO of Eedo Knowledgeware. "By using ForceTen, organizations can create an electronic record that helps reduce liability risk by providing a non-repudiated content audit trail. Our LCMS will track content throughout its entire lifecycle, documenting the necessary reviews, approval, and signatures for accurate information at each stage of content development and distribution."<br /><br />Eedo&#39;s suite of products supports industry standards, allowing our customers to adhere to best practices and to audit and validate the content in the system. Other standards supported by Eedo products include: W3C, WCAG, WAI, Web Services, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 CERTIFIED, AICC Compliant, PENS Compliant, QTI and Section 508 Compliant.<br />

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