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Wi-Fi in the Air

Sure, time flies when you’re enjoying in-flight entertainment, watching movies or sitcoms, playing games or bopping along to the latest Coldplay single on the radio channels.

But if you’re the type of person who must impulsively update your Facebook page, check out the latest antics on YouTube or even browse the day’s local news and gossip, you may find yourself fidgeting in your seat.

Not anymore.

In August, American Airlines became the first airline to introduce Wi-Fi service onboard.

For as little as the average cost of an airport meal — $12.95 — passengers on some flights can access their favorite Web sites and download online entertainment on flights that are upward of three hours, according to an article in London’s Times Online.

The only downside is you’d no longer be able to use the unavailability of the Internet as an excuse to take a break from work!

Musical Sunglasses

Luxury and convenience have got to be two of the best things about technological innovation. Sure, one could yak into infinity about efficiency, productivity increases, faster collaboration, and better information dissemination, but that’s so, well, work-related.

Advances such as musical sunglasses are much more interesting. In addition to protecting one’s peepers from the sun’s glare, these glasses come equipped with a built-in MP3 player and earbuds. At a mere $300, the Oakley Juliet version, for instance, is comparable in price to other multimedia gadgets such as the iPhone or more traditional MP3 players.…



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