Eco-Friendly “Test Center of the Future” Unveiled

In late March, testing and assessment services provider Thomson Prometric launched its flagship environmentally friendly “test center of the future” in Baltimore.

The center is more than 3,000 square feet, and it will host tests ranging from academic to professional to IT-related.

It is designed with maximum efficiency in mind, making use of smaller PCs and flat-screen monitors, which lowers the energy requirement of the test center, cutting use of electricity, air conditioning and heating by up to 40 percent.

The center also features test room furniture that can adjust to add more seats with minimal downtime and expense. Instead of renting more space, building more walls, buying more cubicles and closing a test center while additional seats are added, capacity can be added by using flexible, movable side screens and small-form workstation computers. Most changes can be made by on-site staff in less than 24 hours.

“It has a flexible design in terms of the ability to expand and contract the number of test seats in a given footprint, which is going to change the need for taking on additional construction,” said Michael Brannick, Thomson Prometric CEO.

He also said this is an important component in “green” building design.

The center features kiosks that allow candidates to schedule tests, as well as research accreditation and licensure requirements. It also houses a separate room with a one-way viewing window into the proctor and test rooms, which allows clients to observe the testing process while maintaining anonymity.…



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