Echelon Training Debuts at Kuala Lumpur Ed

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<strong>London &mdash; Oct. 18 </strong><br />Echelon Learning&rsquo;s online, interactive program “Teaching Best Practice” is being shown for the first time at the British Education Supplies Association&rsquo;s seminar exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (BESA KL).<br /><br />The program is being demonstrated by the London College of Professional Training (LCPT) in support of its lifelong learning teaching qualification.<br /><br />LCPT is the first U.K. college to pilot the new suite of teaching qualifications (QTLS) for Edexcel by distance learning, employing interactive, intranet-based teaching and learning modules that use video to highlight examples of best practice in teaching and learning.<br /><br />LCPT was chosen to represent the British Accreditation Council and Edexcel because of its reputation as a center of excellence in the lifelong learning sector. <br /><br />The LCPT stand is shared with the QCA and York University.<br /><br /><br />Echelon&rsquo;s “Teaching Best Practice” provides interactive, intranet-based teaching and learning resources for both new lecturers to build classroom skills and for existing teachers as part of their continuous professional development (CPD).<br /><br />Using video footage of classroom scenarios, the programs cover topics such as student punctuality, classroom management, adapting tasks to different level skills, integrating key skills into the curriculum, information learning technology (ILT) and the “wow factor,” a teacher summary of what makes for the optimum learning experience and conducting student assessments.<br /><br />Each program is accompanied by a free downloadable workbook that summarizes the learning points covered.<br /><br />Program are suited to team discussion, reflective practice, independent and active learning, college planning and development days, area learning days, center days and cross-college days and by advanced practitioners for one-to-one support.<br /><br />The latest program to be added to the “Teaching Best Practice” series, “Student Assessment,” discusses issues concerning the implementation of initial, formative and summative assessment.

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