Echelon Enters Partnering Agreement With Live Software Solutions

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March 20
Organization development consultancy, Echelon, has agreed to a partnering arrangement with software developer, Live Software Solutions (LSS).

Under the terms of the partnering agreement, the companies will deliver a single client interface for systems development and implementation. The companies say the one-team approach will overcome the typical planning and communication issues faced when implementing IT change into the organization.

“We are joining with LSS to produce specific, high quality software solutions that deliver identified business benefits by being designed exactly to requirement and implemented efficiently for quick and sustained return on investment,” said Alistair Morrison, CEO of Echelon. “This will see the combination of Echelon’s expertise in business and process analysis, procedure documentation and training with LSS’s competence in systems analysis, software design and development.

“IT affects every aspect of working life, offering competitive advantage on many fronts. New systems need to drive efficiency, speed and customer service. We believe that successful systems deployment requires that both the right system be designed and also that the organization be properly prepared for its introduction.”

“LSS and Echelon offer discrete but complementary services,” said James Boother, LSS’s managing director. “Each company has impressive performance records, and we share an ethos based on client satisfaction, quality and efficiency.

“We believe strongly that this partnering agreement will work to the advantage of both LSS’s and Echelon’s clients. In particular, this agreement enhances LSS’s skills set — giving us access to expertise beyond the ‘IT’ sector of business, allowing us to contribute to all areas of business development and profitability.”

Under the partnering agreement, Echelon and LSS say they will offer a “one-stop shop,” providing consulting on organizational change, performance improvement, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, IT and systems advice. They also plan to provide software that drives business growth; simplifies business processes; improves productivity, economy and speed and delivers a return on investment by gaining the confidence and buy-in of users.

The two companies will complete the offering by providing training in the application of consequent revised business practices and workflow, as well as in the use of the new system.

“We believe that the current economic climate is an ideal time to launch this partnering agreement,” Morrison said. “Now is a good time for organizations to strengthen their procedures and processes to ensure that they are effective and efficient as they can be — and that their staff are using these to their fullest advantage. That will help these organizations provide a better customer service today and put them in the best position for taking full advantage of the upturn in the economy as and when it happens.”

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