Ease Organizational Pain With Open Source

You’ve likely received lots of advice pertaining to dealing with a shrinking IT budget lately, including across-the-board budget cuts, virtualization, postponing projects and outsourcing. One option you may not have considered is turning to open source software solutions, which can offer many benefits under the right conditions.

According to a recent news release, consulting firm Intelestream has seen more companies looking for open source applications for their business processes — a trend the company claims can be traced to the weak U.S. economy.

COO Richard Baldwin said during a recent webinar: “[If] you’ve got broken business processes, [and] something’s causing you pain,” open source could provide some relief. “If you have tight budgets, you don’t have a lot of money, you need to get a solution up quickly, [then] you should take a look at open source. On the enterprise application side, it’s growing very, very rapidly and is becoming a very viable option for companies.”

But what is open source, really?

“First and foremost, the code is open, which allows people to modify it and change it,” Baldwin explained. “There’s always a free version; there’s always a free distribution. It is always available to everyone.”

Also important to note, he said, is the fact that open source is not a new concept. “It’s been around since 1980, and in many respects, it is a very interesting and game-changing approach to developing and delivering software to the marketplace. I do fundamentally think open source will change the world…

Meagan Polakowski


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