E-Mail Is the Biggest Content Security Concern for Corporate America

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AIIM, an association for records, document and content professionals, has introduced a new e-mail management training course in industry best practices for improving the control of corporate e-mails.

According to a recent AIIM Market IQ survey on Content Security, e-mail has become the biggest content security concern for businesses. In order to ensure e-mail is managed for regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and strategic advantage, businesses and public-sector groups alike must take better control of their e-mail policies, processes and technologies. Assuming budget is available, the top three primary obstacles to implement solutions are reported to be lack of understanding, complexity of solution and user resistance.

“The industry needs a better understanding of best practices for improving the control of corporate e-mails,” said John Mancini, president of AIIM. “This is why we have invested in documenting best practices for e-mail management amongst our 50,000 associate and professional members, and I am very impressed with the content of our new Email Management Certificate Program.”

Along with the Email Management Certificate Training Program, AIIM has developed an Enterprise 2.0 Certificate Training Program in best practices for using Web 2.0 technologies to improve collaboration and knowledge management within an enterprise. This vendor-neutral training program was developed by AIIM and is based on learning objectives defined by an advisory panel consisting of some of the industry's foremost thinkers on Enterprise 2.0.

The advisory panel is a veritable “Who's Who” consisting of:

  • Andrew McAfee, Harvard Business School professor credited with coining the term Enterprise 2.0 in 2006.
  • Stowe Boyd, industry consultant, prolific blogger, speaker and coiner of the term “social software.”
  • David Weinberger, fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto and author of Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder.
  • Eric Tsui, professor of knowledge management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and also former chief research officer of Asia Pacific at Computer Sciences Corp.
  • Patti Anklam, knowledge management consultant and author of Net Work.

“We are very proud to have this distinguished panel of advisers to help us with the development of the new Enterprise 2.0 Certificate Training Program,” stated Mancini. “These experts supported AIIM and our Education Advisory Groups in Europe and the U.S. to identify how Enterprise 2.0 can provide rapid and agile collaboration, information sharing, emergence and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise.”

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