Dynamic Content Delivery Promises Speed

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<p><strong>Nashua, N.H. &mdash; Dec. 10</strong><br />Eighty-five percent of Eedo&#39;s global customers, including Sony Ericsson, Boeing, Metlife and Apria Healthcare, practice dynamic content delivery, announced Eedo Knowledgeware, developer of Web-based learning and knowledge systems. Consequently, they are increasing productivity throughout the organization by providing faster, more effective knowledge transfer and on-the-job performance support.<br /><br />Dynamic delivery refers to the ability to distribute approved content to end users immediately, either directly from a learning content management system (LCMS), or through integration with learning management or other human resource systems or portals. This immediacy means end users are using the most current, reliable information; there is no lag time.<br /><br />Although dynamic delivery has been practiced in other sectors for many years, it&#39;s a relatively new concept for the learning field. In fact, a significant number of learning and human resources teams continue to produce static courses that are exported manually to a learning management system (LMS) and catalogued. In practice, this means content is available only when administrators carry out scheduled updates to the catalogue, and only in the form of “courses,” which could take months.<br /><br />With dynamic delivery, new or revised content is available immediately and can be accessed when needed. Also, it can be made available in the format most suitable for the task at hand, including formal e-learning courses, key-word searches, context-sensitive help or performance support. The content may be delivered through a portal or within an application, on a computer or a handheld device.<br /><br />In October, Eedo launched the newest version of its LCMS, ForceTen, to provide organizations with advanced features to further improve dynamic content delivery.<br /><br />”Today&#39;s global and competitive environment calls for speed, relevancy and reliability,” said John Hudson, president and CEO at Eedo. “By using dynamic content delivery in conjunction with a best-of-breed LCMS like ForceTen, organizations can equip workers with the most current knowledge they need to drive sales, improve customer service, develop products faster and improve performance in whatever role they have.”<br /><br />For more information on dynamic content delivery, download Eedo&#39;s white paper at http://www.eedo.com/corporate/whitepaper.html. </p>

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