Does It Matter If Your Instructors Are Certified?

Deciding on a college, university or institute is an important aspect of your educational process. Knowing the instructors’ level of teaching experience and the success of former students can offer some indication of the education you will receive. For IT students, there’s another component that should be addressed, and that has to do with certifications.

Certifications have grown in popularity as well as stature in recent years. Once relegated to individuals who either could not or would not complete a four-year degree, IT certifications are fast becoming a necessity when working in the IT field, regardless of the degree you’ve earned or your experience.

It’s now coming to the forefront that instructors with IT certifications may also indicate a more apt and fluid learning environment, so an important question to pose when researching different colleges is whether the teachers you will have are credentialed, not just degreed.

Whether you’re looking at a four-year post-secondary school or a two-year program, the faculty will have the greatest impact on your academic success, and their ability to adapt and associate the changes in IT advancements to real-world applications can be vital.

The rapidly changing landscape of IT has created a growing demand for credentialing among businesses trying to keep up. That means there are indications already surfacing that certified individuals, regardless of their educational background, may outperform their formally degreed counterparts. When you consider the impact that teachers have on students, those that are able to improve the classroom experience and simplify…



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