Does a Consulting Career Compute for You?

After working many years as a database manager, John Martinez decided it was time to make a change — long hours and little downtime between projects at his corporate job were taking a toll. But more than anything, he wanted greater flexibility with his work schedule so he could spend more time with his growing family.

Martinez was able to achieve this goal as an IT consultant, all while gaining exposure to a variety of companies, challenges and technologies.

Many IT professionals pursue consulting for similar reasons. Some of the key benefits of this career path include:


  • The chance to build new skills. One of the biggest draws to consulting is the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies. Each project engagement is different, so you are likely to be exposed to diverse hardware and software products. For instance, you might be on a SQL Server data migration assignment one quarter and then be called upon to test database objects the next. As you strive to meet clients’ needs, you can enhance existing skills and build new ones.
  • More control over your schedule. Consulting gives you the freedom to choose assignments based on your preferences and availability. So, if you have outside interests or family demands, you can schedule your engagements to achieve greater work-life balance. A top consultant with Robert Half Technology found it difficult to make time to travel in his previous role as a desktop support technician, supporting more than…



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