“Do More With Less” Takes on New Meaning in IT

In this economic environment, if you proclaim that most IT managers are striving to “do more with less” this year, you will be met with a resounding, “Duh,” and probably a groan. The phrase has become just another cliché.

A survey by Axios Systems revealed that, indeed, improving processes is a top priority for firms in 2009. But rather than reiterating yet another byproduct of the recession, IT professionals can consider the phrase a jump-start of inspiration toward better aligning with their firms’ business objectives.

The Axios survey showed that 61 percent of IT managers call “optimizing service quality and improving processes” a top priority this year. As a result, the survey said, 68 percent of respondents plan to implement new IT service management projects this year. And 63 percent said they’re doing it “to minimize risk and reduce the impact of change on the business.”

Another factor at work here is virtualization. A recent IDC report said, as virtualization expands, so does the need for more sophisticated tools to help manage those environments.

Ross McIntosh, vice president of Axios Systems North America, said one key to helping IT professionals meet the needs of these trends is gaining the ability to demonstrate their real-life experience — “projects that they’ve worked on or [roles] they’ve had where the outcome has been able to reduce the cost within the organization, or reduce the risk to the organization, on how they’ve been operating. On the other side, [it’s] increasing revenue to the…



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