Do Colleges Accept Certifications Toward Credit Hours?

A reader recently sent us the following question regarding the prospect of IT certifications counting for college credit:

“Are there any colleges or universities that accept certifications that can be transferred into college credit hours? I’m looking to get my bachelor’s degree in Internetworking. I currently have an associate’s degree, and I also have my MCSE and A+. The college has told me they don’t accept certs, but to complete my degree, I have to take most of the classes that I took to get my MCSE all over again. BIG TURNOFF. HELP PLEASE!”

Well, CertMag EXTRA is here to help. Unfortunately, though, there isn’t a simple answer to the question. Some colleges and universities permit transferal of certification for credit hours, and some don’t. Accordingly, applicants will have to check with each admissions department at every college they’re interested in to find out.

“The ability to transfer credits is at the discretion of the college the student is enrolled in (or enrolling in),” said Mark Uhlman, VP of administration at The Training Camp, which offers accelerated information technology training and certification testing services for corporations, government organizations and individuals. “If they already have the certification, the easiest way is to find the college that will accept them. There are several colleges that will accept certifications for credit, but their program goes hand-in-hand with the person registering and enrolling for courses at that colleges. They’re using that as an enticement to get people in.” He added that…



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