Dilithium Crystals

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In one of my CertMag EXTRA newsletter articles this week (“The Geeky Obsession with Alternative Energy,” available at this link: http://www.certmag.com/articles/templates/cmag_nl_extra_content.asp?articleid=1954&zoneid=36), I asked if any of you knew what mineral powered the Starship Enterprise on the Star Trek TV series and movies. I guess in hindsight I should’ve realized that question was a slow softball pitch to the CertMag readers, but I was still surprised by the number of responses, all of which were spot-on.


The quickest on the draw was Craig Sharp, who submitted the first answer. Congratulations, Craig: In honor of your accomplishment, you get a mention in this blog! I know, I know, you’re probably overwhelmed by this high-profile recognition. Keep pinching yourself, Craig—you’re not dreaming!!!


Anyway, several others mailed in answers and even threw in some additional info for extra credit. “The mineral that ‘powers’ the Enterprise is ‘dilithium’ crystal,” one reader said. “In point of fact, the power source is anti-matter/matter reaction with the resulting power being channeled through the crystals.” (I shoulda known better…can ya ever forgive me?)


Another reader sent an e-mail with the Subject line of “Dilithium Crystals power the Enterprise.” “I didn’t have to Google that either!” he added. “I read the Star Trek Technical Manual back in 1993.” A Starfleet Academy grad, perhaps?


Yet another respondent sent in Dilithium crystals and also answered my question with a couple of other questions. “Now, can you name the two metals which, when combined, provide the motive force for the spaceships in E.E. Smith’s ‘Skylark’ series of space operas?” he asked. I have no idea on that one—I’m a dilettante geek at best—but I can answer his other question about what investment newsletter I referenced in the article. It’s called The Rude Awakening, and you can find it at http://www.the-rude-awakening.com.


In all seriousness, thanks again to all of you for your responses. It’s always nice to hear from y’all. And if you ever have any thoughts, suggestions or flames that you want to share, send ‘em all to brians@certmag.com.

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