Digital Fairway Helps CIOs Cut Costs

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<p><b>Toronto &mdash; Feb. 2</b><br />Digital Fairway Corp., a provider of communications management software and automated end-to-end service delivery solutions, has launched the Provergent Communication Services Management Suite, a complete set of applications that helps enterprises better manage their communications infrastructure.<br /><br />The suite is a comprehensive solution for managing the complexity of planning, procuring, provisioning, auditing and delivering communications services within an enterprise or across multiple enterprises, enabling them to achieve new levels of visibility and control over their communications infrastructure and services.<br /><br />The suite helps CIOs reduce the cost of overbilled, unused or underised assets, squeeze inefficiencies out of their end-to-end supply chain and consolidate their networks on the most cost-effective technologies and negotiate volume discounts with suppliers.<br /><br />&ldquo;The majority of enterprises face significant challenges gaining control and visibility into their network assets and service order processes,&rdquo; said Joe Basili, Aberdeen Group senior analyst. &ldquo;94 percent of our respondents expect their bandwidth needs to grow in the next 12 months. </p><p>&quot;Yet, our research shows only 32 percent of enterprises have software to automate service order activity and inventory management.&rdquo;<br /><br />The Provergent Communication Services Management Suite comprises four key applications:<br /></p><ul><li>Circuit Manager helps organizations to manage wired voice and data communications services, making it easier for organizations to integrate, automate and audit their voice and data service delivery processes.</li></ul><ul><li>Mobile Manager helps organizations manage wireless voice and data communications products and services, allowing them to easily provision and manage large-scale deployments of mobile communications resources, including services, rate plans, mobile devices and accessories offered by wireless service providers.</li></ul><ul><li>Equipment Manager helps organizations manage their communications services equipment, making it easy to establish approved product catalogues, monitor inventories of equipment and manage equipment assignments from a location or cost center level, right down to an individual port, slot or card.</li></ul><ul><li>Telephony Manager manages the telephone numbering plan and line features throughout an organization and allows organizations to centrally assign, order and provision features and telephone numbers for employees and cost centers.</li></ul></p>

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