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Of course, in today’s communications-rich world, in which a growing number of tech-savvy Millennials are entering the workforce, the pressure is on to keep up with changing technology. And while technology has served well in many facets of life — even to the extent of reducing the so-called digital divide — one has to wonder whether some technical gadgets and online applications are viewed as nuisances rather than assets.

A worldwide study sponsored by Nortel and carried out by Interactive Data Corp. (IDC) revealed a growing number of “hyperconnected users,” or people who use a minimum of seven devices for work and personal access, as well as at least nine applications such as IM, text messaging, Web conferencing and social networks.

More specifically, a hyperconnected individual is defined by the IDC as someone who is “reasonably happy with their work/life balance, even though they use almost all devices and applications for both, and they are willing to communicate with work on vacation, in restaurants, from bed and even in places of worship.”

Talk about excessive!

These devices could constitute anything from laptops to PDAs to car-based systems, while the applications could range from Second Life to Twitter to wikis.

The study isn’t just reflective of people in the U.S.

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