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Offers study tips, cram notes and practice exams. At present you’ll only find coverage of Cisco, Novell and Check Point security exams, but we hear that they’ll be adding coverage of other topics and exams soon (especially Security+).
In addition to the information you’re used to reading every month in the print issue of Certification Magazine, you can find articles developed specifically for the Web and the Cert Info section, where you can search for the right certification for you.

Offers exam outlines, practice exams, study guides, online training and more. You’ll find developer coverage for Microsoft, Sun Java and BEA programs here.

Offers study guides, assessment exams and peer discussion forums. You’ll find coverage of multiple developer programs and exams here, including Microsoft MCDBA, MCAD and MCSD, IBM Java and DB2, CompTIA IT Project+ and e-Biz+, Sun Java, various CIW developer exams and numerous other interesting odds and ends. One of the best resources of information about certification exams around.
A great umbrella site for developers that also covers lots of certification-related news and information. This site has separate silos for topics as diverse as .NET, Java, Web, database, C++, Visual Basic, ASP, UML, XML and wireless; all include great tips, techniques, code examples, newsgroups and more.

Dr. Dobb’s Journal
Another long-time favorite resource for many programmers, Dr. Dobb’s covers programming languages, tools, platforms and APIs with gusto and in detail. You’ll find news, information, examples, tutorials and more within the pages of the print magazine or at the Web site. The “Programmers Resources” area, accessible from the home page, is a particularly useful tool for developers in search of information and examples.

A terrific gathering place, information resource, code library and news center for all things Java-related—including various Java certifications from IBM, Sun, jCert and others. The Programmer Certification study FAQ is an especially useful resource.

Vendor/Organization Web sites
For whatever program you’re interested in, or exam for which you’re preparing, be sure to check out the sponsoring vendor’s or organization’s Web pages on the subject. Some programs provide pointers to other resources, recommended reading lists, practice exam questions and other value-adds; all programs usually provide exam objectives and detailed exam information. Make such information the starting point and linchpin of your exam preparation process!

Programmer’s Presses
Books are of great interest and use to programmers, so you’ll find many presses devoting considerable (if not exclusive) attention to developer topics and coverage, including certification topics. You can use online bookstores’ search engines to seek such stuff, or go directly to one or more of these favorite sources for developer information and training: O’Reilly & Associates (, Wrox (, Addison-Wesley (, Que (, SAMS (, Wiley (, Osborne/McGraw-Hill ( or others that might interest you. Happy hunting!

Software Development Magazine
Whether online or in print, SD has been around for more than 15 years and remains a stellar source of information, code examples, news, tutorials and occasional certification coverage that most developers find extremely useful. Acquaint yourself with this resource, and use it to help you learn and prepare for your developer certification exams.

Provides great coverage of developer topics, including programming languages, platforms, specific APIs, toolsets and more. Especially useful are the many articles and programming examples that include lots of sample code, illustrations, explanations and more. A great resource for working developers, as well as for those studying for developer certification.
An umbrella for 16 different focused Web sites on various types of IT platforms, core technologies, development tools (Visual Basic and Visual Studio), applications and enterprise IT management, this site contains lots of well-researched and organized information of great value to developers. The IBM, Lotus, Sun and Windows sites include lots of good developer certification coverage on the platform side, as do the database, storage and Web services sites on the core technologies side. Worth exploring!

Tool, Platform, Language Web Sites or Publications
Use your favorite search engine to look for Web sites and publications on the specific tool, platform, language or APIs on which you seek certification. For example, you’ll find numerous publications on Java if you search for “Java publication” or “Java resources.” You can use this kind of technique to ferret out a surprising range of highly focused resources on the subject matter that relates to your certification studies.


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