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These questions are based on 801: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Application Development Update.


Objective: Design and development enhancements
Sub-objective: Identify and use new database property settings


Single answer, multiple choice


A Notes database must use the optional ODS version 48 for which of the following features?



  1. Design note compression
  2. On demand collation
  3. User rename list stored in database
  4. All of the above


D.  All of the above


The acronym ODS stands for “On-Disk Structure.” The ODS version of a database indicates the format that is being used to physically store a Notes database. The ODS version for Releases 6.x through 7.x was ODS 43. The default ODS version for Release 8 is also ODS 43. However, in order to take advantage of certain Release 8 features, an optional ODS version can be used for Notes 8 databases. The optional version is ODS 48 and is required in order to use the following additional Release 8 features:


– Design note compression
– On demand collation
– User rename list stored in database


Lotus Domino Designer 8 Help Database Topic: Sorting documents in views


Lotus Domino Administrator 8 Help Database Topic: Allowing database design compression


IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Reviewers Guide (PDF)

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