Veterans Affairs Invests $10 Million in Plateau

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<p><strong>Arlington, Va. &mdash; Oct. 3</strong><br />Plateau Systems, a provider of talent management software, content and services, has announced that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has awarded the company contracts with a one-year value of more than $10 million to support learning management, career development, competency management and content delivery and administration across the department.  </p><p>Under the contracts, VA will use Plateau&rsquo;s hosted learning management solutions to deliver and track learning and training activities for its 350,000 employees and other associated staff, as well as begin to align developmental activities with the skills and competencies required for a high-performing VA workforce.</p><p>VA is implementing Plateau&rsquo;s learning management system (LMS) and iContent service for storing, managing and deploying its custom and third-party training and development content.  </p><p>VA will initially use iContent to manage, host and deliver 1,500 courses across the agency&rsquo;s enterprise.  </p><p>Using Plateau&rsquo;s LMS and iContent service to speed content deployment and updates will enable VA employees to maintain timely compliance with congressionally mandated training in critical areas such as cybersecurity, privacy and prevention of sexual harassment. </p><p>By consolidating VA&rsquo;s packaged and custom content currently housed in various legacy systems into a single, integrated system, Plateau and iContent will enable VA to facilitate the national rollout of mandatory training. <br /><br />The VA LMS is being implemented though an interagency agreement (IAA) between VA and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  </p><p>As an enterprise-level e-training initiative, the VA LMS is part of the governmentwide e-government initiatives supporting the president&rsquo;s management agenda.<br /><br />&ldquo;Plateau was selected as VA&rsquo;s strategic partner after consistently proving its enterprise-class scalability, functionality, and flexibility and technical depth through progressively rigorous proof of concepts and pilot programs,&rdquo; said Paul Sparta, Plateau chairman and CEO. &ldquo;We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting VA as they extend and evolve their human capital management strategy to address broader initiatives such as career planning, performance management and succession planning.&rdquo; </p>

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