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<p><strong>Philadelphia &mdash; March 26</strong><br />OraMedica International, LLC, a provider of dental-systemic health and wellness education, has announced a new dental information health tips booklet, &ldquo;Take a Holistic Bite Out of Dentistry for Women,&rdquo; designed to raise awareness and improve the health of women in the workplace.<br /><br />&ldquo;Dental conditions have more to do with overall health than most people are aware of,&quot; said Dr. Andrea Brockman, president of OraMedica, as well as a dentist and former coronary care nurse. &ldquo;For instance, employers recognize that obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease and diabetes, and they take positive steps to encourage better food choices and physical activity.&rdquo;<br /><br />Food choices, digestion and absorption of nutrients are greatly affected by chewing, however, which can be hindered by tooth or jaw pain, mouth infections, missing teeth or dry mouth.<br /><br />And weight management is not the only condition dental health affects. Research shows gum disease is a major risk factor in cardiovascular disease, diabetes and premature or underweight births. </p><p>In fact, the U.S. government now classifies periodontal disease as a greater risk to the development of heart disease and stroke than high cholesterol. </p><p>Considering that statistics now reveal women have a greater chance of developing heart disease than ever, oral health awareness is not only prudent &mdash; it can be lifesaving.<br /><br />This dental tips booklet is not only useful as a woman&rsquo;s health benefit, but it also serves as unbiased health education from a trusted source. </p><p>According a survey released by J.D. Power and Associates, only 2 percent of employees have confidence in the health information their employers offer, compared with 70 percent of employees who trust the health advice of their primary-care doctor.<br /><br />&ldquo;Although questions regarding dental advice were not part of this survey, useful health information, written by a health-conscious dentist to help women make smarter and cost-effective dental decisions, can only help to build trust for the messenger: the employer,&rdquo; said Dr. Vincent DiLorenzo, OraMedica chief executive.</p><p>In addition to their own health issues and being the primary consumers of health care, women have the added responsibility of pregnancy, child care and elder care. </p><p>The practical, health-enhancing information found in &ldquo;Take a Holistic Bite Out of Dentistry for Women&rdquo; is designed to reduce the number of sick days for women when incorporated into routines for themselves, as well as for dependants.<br /><br />&quot;Making sure that our dental health tips booklets, part of the HealthyGates Consumer Dental Wellness program, integrate with and support total health is what responsible and holistic healthcare is all about,&quot; Brockman said. </p>

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