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Feature Articles

Certification Feature
CertMag’s 2005 Salary Survey: Monitoring Your Net Worth
Tim Sosbe, Emily Hollis, Brian Summerfield & Cari McLean
As an industry, Information Technology has been beleaguered for so long it’s easy to believe the news is all bad, all the time. Happily, that’s not really the case. According to Certification Magazine’s 2005 Salary Survey, IT is doing well and getting better.


Job Roles Feature
Center of the IT Universe: The Network Administrator
Ed Tittel
If there’s a single job role that can take responsibility for starting the whole IT certification phenomenon, it would have to be that of the network administrator.


Techniques Feature
IT Emergent: Top Employment Areas Within IT
Lisa Sallstrom
The rapid evolution of the IT industry makes it very difficult to pinpoint the “next big thing” in IT employment opportunities. However, the hollowing out of America’s IT job market, security considerations, the emergence of a number of growth fields and the increasing reliance on IT across all vertical markets seem to point the way toward a number of promising IT careers.




Tech Careers
Have a Difficult Boss? Avoid These Mistakes
Katherine Spencer Lee
Most IT professionals will find themselves working for a less-than-perfect boss at some point in their careers. Often the conflict is due to a minor issue––your manager may request more project updates than you’re used to.


Consultant’s Corner
Where to Start an Independent Career? Look in the Mirror
Gene Zaino
One of the most captivating aspects of beginning an independent consulting career is that your work life is suddenly a blank page. It’s yours to do with as you please—to assert control, to proactively become the super-successful professional you always knew you could be.


Virtual Village
An All-Expenses-Paid Tour
Tired? Overworked? Bored? Sounds like you could really use a vacation. But between stuffing your belongings into a suitcase, encountering inevitable hassles at airports and car rental agencies, and shelling out for the exorbitant costs that come with a getaway, these retreats can be even more of an aggravation than your job.


Data Stream
Data Stream: Top IT Jobs and Skills for 2006


IT ‘Don’t Get No Respect’
Brian Summerfield, Web Editor
What do firefighters, scientists and medical professionals like doctors and nurses have in common? They’re all very highly regarded professions, according to a recent Harris poll. More than half of the respondents in the survey, which involved more than 1,200 U.S. adults, rated those occupations as having “very great prestige.” Near the bottom of the list were careers like stockbrokers, accountants and journalists. (Ouch!)




Monster’s Allan Hoffman: If You Prepare, The Jobs Are There
Kellye Whitney, Associate Editor
What isn’t scary, has no fangs (outside of its logo, at least) and offers hundreds of job leads in dozens of industries? A Monster! As in, of course.


Inside Certification
IBM Professional Certification: Linking to IBM Strategy
Rebecca Gonzalez
It has been said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It also could be said that an IT certification program is only as strong as the company or organization it supports. IBM’s Professional Certification Program is linked to the world’s largest information technology company.


Specialty Certification
Certifying Value: Microsoft Revamps Certification Structure
Compare the IT job you have today with the one you had 10 years ago. Having trouble? That’s probably because most of the technology you’re dealing with today didn’t exist then.




Editor’s Letter
The Holiday Bonus
Tim Sosbe


Letters to the Editor

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