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CertMag’s 2004 Salary Survey
Tim Sosbe
Certification Magazine’s annual Salary Survey results have arrived, showing that certifications from Cisco, (ISC)2 and the Project Management Institute pay top dollar. See where you stand in relation to your peers.



Choosing Anti-Spam Software
Ed Tittel
Dubious products, questionable surveys, thinly veiled requests for money: Junk e-mail can clog servers and stop important messages from getting through. Anti-spam tools can help.

Network Tools: Reach Your Goals: Gift Ideas for Network Admins
Douglas Mechaber
The holidays approach, and with them comes gift-buying, gift-opening and New Year’s resolutions. Kill two birds with one stone and get a gift that will help you reach your goal.

Security Tools: IM Virus Free
Douglas Schweitzer
Instant messaging (IM) is a hot new communication tool for the enterprise, but it comes with additional security risks. Knowing how to keep IM virus-free is essential.

Tech Tools: WLAN Switching: Manage Wireless Access Points
Emily Hollis
Wireless LANs are growing rapidly, and enterprise adoption is on the rise. WLAN switches can manage multiple access points, increasing security and lowering costs.



Writing Windows Apps With Visual Basic .NET: XML Serialization
Amit Kalani
Microsoft’s .NET Framework is intricate, and it’s not easy to create applications. This month, we offer some how-tos for using Visual Basic .NET for XML serialization.

How-To…Use Windows Remote Desktop
Tim Warner
Windows Remote Desktop can save the administrator a lot of legwork. Here are the steps you can take to work virtually on the desktop computers in your network.

Security: Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
Around 20 percent of organizations that experience a disaster go out of business within two years, yet most companies still don’t plan for the unexpected. Why should security officers care about contingency planning?



Differentiate Your Company With IT Organizational Certification
Carrie Higday-Kalmanowitz
Individual certification offers benefits, but it’s not always enough. Certifying the IT organization can create a bridge between individual knowledge and business results.

CISA and CISM: Internationally Recognized for Future Success
Leslie Macartney
Certification is often necessary for job advancement, especially in the security realm. ISACA offers two credentials to help you move ahead.

CCIA: Ensuring Successful Citrix Deployments
Mark Carter
The Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA) is the newest certification in the Citrix stable. Find out how you can earn the most challenging certification Citrix has ever offered.

Working With a Contract Staffing Firm
Katherine Spencer Lee
To get the most out of your time with a staffing firm, you need to know how to build an effective partnership. This month, we offer suggestions to help you maximize your relationship.



Government Involvement: This May Be a Good Thing
David Foster, Ph.D.

Go Out and Sell Your Capabilities
John A. Venator

Top 10 Predictions for 2005
Martin Bean



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Salaries and Other Annual Issues


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CertMag’s Letters to the Editor

CloseUp: Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
Ed Tittel
Microsoft’s MCDBA certification adds 800 to 1,000 new certificants every month. Learn more about how this credential can help you work with SQL Server in a business environment.

Project Management Success Factors Part 5: Match Change to Vision
Elizabeth and Richard Larson
In the fifth and final part of this series of articles on project management, we focus on managing scope changes and ensuring they stay aligned with the original project vision.

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