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CertMag’s 2003 Salary Survey
Tim Sosbe
The results are in for the annual Certification Magazine Salary Survey, and this year we’ve gone global to prove the value certification brings to your paycheck. See how you stack up against your certified peers.

Expanding Your Certified Horizons
Ken Perkins
Maintaining career momentum means continually developing skills and knowledge. Look toward the horizon, choose your path and let certification take you there.



CertMag’s Sun StudyGuide



Learning On the Job
Ed Tittel
Hands-on learning can be a valuable way to hone your skills. Get further ahead by supporting on-the-job learning with off-the-clock activities.

PMI Certification: Project Management Skills
Denny Smith, Ph.D.
Project management is one of the best-paying and most-desired skills. The Project Management Institute’s credentials can ensure your continued success.

Why the ITCSC Is Important to You
Peter Manijak and Stacy Gildenston
Unethical behavior can undermine the value of your certification. The IT Certification Security Council (ITCSC) helps protect your precious credentials. You can help too.

Auditing: Discovering Enterprise Security Gaps
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
A regular audit process must be part of your security strategy. You need to understand the policies and tools required to defend your assets.



Incorporation: The Ins and Outs of Business Forms
David Garrett
Starting your own business can be a daunting task. This month, Dave looks at the ins and outs of sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations to help you chart your path.

Preventing IT Burnout
Paula Moreira
Suffering from IT burnout? We’ll show you how to maintain balance so you can maintain the systems that keep the business, and your career, running.

Working as an IT Security Professional
Ed Tittel
The need for security professionals has never been greater. Here’s what you need to know to map a successful security career.



The Increasing Trend of Offshore Outsourcing: Part 1
Martin Bean

Common Misconceptions
David Foster, Ph.D.

After Y2K, A Whole New IT Landscape Emerged
John Venator



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
The Gifts of Certification

Letters to the Editor


CertMag on the Web

It’s Raining Work
Katherine Spencer Lee
Successful consultants know how to keep themselves busy. Katherine offers some strategies for keeping the clients—and the dollars—pouring in.

A Look Into the Crystal Ball
Ann Beheler
If you’re deciding whether to stay on your current career track or hop to an alternative, analyze your options carefully. Helping others learn may be the next stop on your journey.

CloseUp: The Certified Ethical Hacker
Ed Tittel
Not all of the hackers are bad. This month, Ed takes a walk through the Certified Ethical Hacker program to show how knowing the enemy’s tactics can keep you one step ahead.

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