Cytiva Releases New White Paper on Applicant Tracking System Security

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<p><strong>Emeryville, Calif. &mdash; July 15</strong></p><p>Cytiva Software Inc., a provider of on-demand talent management solutions, announced the availability of a free white paper exploring applicant tracking system security and providing real-world tips for evaluating vendors.</p><p>While many of today&rsquo;s software as a service (SaaS) applicant tracking system vendors are capable of providing levels of security that many organizations could not match internally, many applicant tracking system users are under the mistaken belief that all vendors are pretty much the same when it comes to data security.</p><p>A recently reported security breach for a high-profile insurer underscores the reality that no one is immune to security issues.</p><p>Cytiva&rsquo;s new white paper, &ldquo;Applicant Tracking System Security,&rdquo; cuts through all the techno-speak that accompanies most data security conversations and gives the nontechnical practitioner a straightforward guide in how to evaluate vendor security.</p><p>&ldquo;Ask any applicant tracking vendor about security and you&rsquo;ll get a laundry list of security measures, mostly concerning their physical data center,&rdquo; said Jason Moreau, CEO of Cytiva Software Inc. &ldquo;But security is an ongoing process that involves not only your data center, but the code base of your application and the execution of ongoing policies and practices to make sure your application, your servers and your security systems remain secure in the face of an ever-evolving threat.&rdquo;</p><p>When it comes to HR data in general, since early 2006, there typically have been four to six media accounts of HR data breaches per month, according to consulting firm HR Privacy Solutions. And while the laws vary from state to state, employers are frequently required to notify the affected parties if they so much as suspect that data may have been compromised. In this kind of environment, businesses need to truly get to know their third-party applicant tracking vendors and fully understand their security practices.</p><p>&ldquo;Applicant Tracking System Security&rdquo; decodes the jargon associated with network security, drills deeper than mere data center security and explores ongoing application and server security. Finally, &ldquo;Applicant Tracking System Security&rdquo; gives the nontechnical person a laundry list of minimum security measures they should expect from their vendor.</p><p>&ldquo;Applicant Tracking System Security&rdquo; is available for free at </p>

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