Cytiva Announces SonicOnboard 2

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<strong>Emeryville, Calif. &mdash; Feb. 14</strong><br />Cytiva Software Inc., a provider of on-demand recruiting software solutions, has announced the Feb. 29 availability of an entirely new version of its popular SonicOnboard on-boarding software.<br /><br />New SonicOnboard 2 takes on-boarding to the next level by providing clients with a secure employee on-boarding portal, where new hires can log in and complete all of their on-boarding tasks online. <br /><br />SonicOnboard already has helped numerous employers improve their newly hired employees&rsquo; time to productivity by automating all the tasks associated with bringing an employee into the organization. From paperwork like interactive W-4, I-9 and benefit forms to the assignment of employee IDs, work spaces and supplies to scheduling orientations and more, SonicOnboard had previously used e-mail notifications to coordinate the tasks associated with get employees up to speed faster.<br /><br />With new SonicOnboard 2, organizations still manage and track the on-boarding process centrally using SonicOnboard, but now the on-boarding tasks are presented visually to new hires in the employees&rsquo; personalized on-boarding portals. <br /><br />Now new hires get e-mail notification of tasks ready for completion, and they can click through to the portal, complete with an interactive events calendar, clickable on-boarding tasks with status indicators, links to personalized welcome messages, internal resources and more.<br /><br />SonicOnboard is currently offered as a module to the SonicRecruit talent acquisition system. Cytiva plans to offer SonicOnboard 2 as a standalone product by the end of the this quarter.<br /><br />&ldquo;As SonicRecruit has moved beyond recruiting into on-boarding, performance management and more, it makes sense to bring this extended, yet integrated functionality together in one portal for employees to access,&rdquo; said Jason Moreau, CEO of Cytiva Software. &ldquo;SonicOnboard 2&rsquo;s employee portal is a dramatic leap forward in usability for our on-boarding clients, and I&rsquo;m happy to say it&rsquo;s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of extending our solution.&rdquo;<br /><br />Because of SonicRecruit&rsquo;s software-as-a-service delivery model, all SonicOnboard clients will be able to access and begin configuring their new portal upon release.<br />

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