Cytiva Announces New SonicRecruit Features

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<p><strong>Vancouver, British Columbia &mdash; June 26</strong><br />Cytiva Software Inc., a provider of on-demand recruiting software solutions, has announced several enhancements to its flagship recruiting system.<br /><br />These new enhancements strengthen SonicRecruit&rsquo;s ability to streamline the recruiting process and help companies increase the quality and timeliness of their hiring efforts.<br /><br />&ldquo;The top challenge that companies face when it comes to employees is finding the right talent when needed,&rdquo; said Kevin Martin, Aberdeen Group research director of human capital management. &nbsp; </p><p>SonicRecruit&rsquo;s newly announced enhancements aim to help companies meet that challenge and increase their ability to find and fire great talent.<br /><br />SonicRecruit&rsquo;s new conceptual search capability helps organizations more effectively and intuitively mine their pool of existing candidates to hone in on appropriate matches when new job requisitions are opened.&nbsp; </p><p>With SonicRecruit&rsquo;s deeper integration with Microsoft Outlook, recruiters can use this familiar interface to maintain contact with attractive candidates so that they can tap into their skills the minute positions become available.<br /><br />Finally, new candidate self-scheduling capabilities will make it easier to bring together candidates and hiring managers, speeding the time to interview and helping to ensure SonicRecruit clients don&rsquo;t lose attractive candidates to delays and complications in scheduling interviews.&nbsp; </p><p>Managers and recruiters will be able to publish their schedules, and candidates can then quickly and easily choose open slots online to schedule interviews.<br /><br />&ldquo;For many SonicRecruit clients needing specialized skill sets, the impending talent shortage is already here in a big way,&rdquo; Jason Moreau, Cytiva CEO, said. &ldquo;The ability to more quickly locate, communicate with and hire top talent is a key requirement, and these new features will ensure SonicRecruit clients can easily find the right talent when needed.&rdquo;<br /><br />Additionally, SonicRecruit will be involved in several important new industry reports.&nbsp; </p><p>SonicRecruit was recently included as one of &ldquo;20 leading talent management vendors&rdquo; in the recent Brandon Hall report, &ldquo;Talent Management: A Complete Guide to Strategies, Systems, and Issues.&rdquo;&nbsp; </p><p>SonicRecruit will also be profiled in the upcoming ERE report: &ldquo;Applicant Tracking Systems 2007.&rdquo;&nbsp; </p><p>In addition, SonicRecruit recently sponsored &ldquo;Talent Acquisition Strategies, The Global War for Talent,&rdquo; a report by Aberdeen Research to be published June 30. </p><p>The SonicRecruit/Aberdeen study looked at how companies are adopting and adapting talent acquisition strategies to gain recruiting efficiencies, achieve differentiated value and win the global war for talent.<br /><br />&ldquo;Midmarket companies typically get by with cheap, inflexible hiring systems or pay way too much for overly complicated systems,&rdquo; said Ian Alexander, Cytiva vice president of marketing. &ldquo;Being involved in these kinds of industry reports helps expose Cytiva&rsquo;s SonicRecruit talent acquisition system to a large number of companies that need the kind of affordable, full-featured and custom-tailored system that SonicRecruit provides.&rdquo;</p>

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