CygNET Systems Unveils USB CopyNotify! v. 1.2

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<p><strong>Pune, India &mdash; Aug. 21</strong><br />CygNET Systems has released USB CopyNotify! v. 1.2, a Windows security utility that notifies you when a USB memory device is being used on any PC in the network. </p><p>By receiving immediate notification when a thumb drive or memory stick is being plugged into any workstation, you can prevent possible unauthorized copying of your important, confidential information when it takes place. </p><p>The software also monitors data copy operations on USB drives and creates a notification and a log entry that contains the name of each file that is copied. </p><p>You will even be notified if somebody shuts down or uninstalls the USB CopyNotify! program.<br /><br />Simply load the server component of the program on the computer that will be used to monitor all USB port activity on the network and load the client component of the program on each workstation on the network that needs be monitored. </p><p>Each time a USB memory device is added or removed from any monitored computer, the server component will receive immediate notification of the same. </p><p>In addition, the program maintains an activity log that can be printed or copied and pasted into a word processing or spreadsheet application.</p><p>Whether you&#39;re a security officer who needs to protect sensitive data files from getting to competitors, a business owner who wants to make sure that unauthorized individuals cannot access private information or a network administrator who wants to audit and monitor the USB ports on all of the computers on the LAN, USB CopyNotify! provides both immediate notification and a permanent audit trial that can be used to identify attempts to remove data from the network.<br /><br />USB CopyNotify! v. 1.2 runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003. </p>

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