CyberSecurity Institute to Launch CSFA Cert

The CyberSecurity Institute, an information security training and credentialing organization, has announced that it will launch the CyberSecurity Forensic Analyst (CSFA) certification. The CFSA will verify comprehension of proper examination procedures in computer forensic analysis as well as the capacity to effectively report the findings of an investigation.

The certification, which has been in development for two years, was born of input provided to the CyberSecurity Institute by security professionals in business and law enforcement that participated in its programs, who perceived a need for a practical assessment of computer forensic skills, said Steve Hailey, president and CEO, CyberSecurity Institute. “We discussed the fact that there really wasn’t a hands-on computer forensic test that was proctored,” he said. “We felt that it was pretty important to have a proctored test, so the tester would actually have to prove that they possessed the required skills to do computer forensics in the real world.”

The CyberSecurity Institute currently has about 15 different testing scenarios that cover about 30 knowledge areas, which range from basic TCP/IP concepts to viruses and malware. The first exams will be available in November, Hailey said. “This is really for anyone: law enforcement and enterprise security professionals, and anyone already thinking about having their own computer forensics business,” he said of the CSFA.

Candidates for this certification can choose from several resources offered by the CyberSecurity Institute to prepare for these exams, including the “Computer Forensics Core Competencies” course, a five-day boot-camp-style course that…



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