Crowe Chizek: Grooming Tomorrow’s Techies

You may have just completed a four-year IT degree program, but when you take a job as an IT consultant at Crowe Chizek, the learning has just begun.

That’s because the company, which the South Bend Tribune called “a community leader for both in-house employee programs and training,” invests a lot of time and energy in its employees — all 2,500 of them. And it’s quickly expanding its performance services group — otherwise known as the technology group — with plans to significantly grow its employee head count from the current 150 within the next year, said Mark Strawmyer, a technology professional and hiring manager in Crowe’s Indianapolis office.

For this reason, Crowe isn’t afraid to hire graduates fresh out of school, with the intention of grooming them to be tomorrow’s leaders.

“A core component and strategy for us is going out to campuses each year and finding folks that can learn and grow and adapt and be molded into a professional consulting environment that works well for us and for our clients,” Strawmyer said. “One of the areas that’s been the most successful for us has been that campus hiring.”

Strawmyer said Crowe’s approach to hiring is based on the assumption that if a candidate is graduating with a technology-related degree, he or she has the basic tech skills that will be required for the job. Additionally, he said, technical skills develop over time with experience and the rise of new technology. It’s the soft…



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