Crossgate’s New B2B Connectivity Service Adopted by 16 Customers During 1st Quarter

<strong>Atlanta &mdash; Feb. 25</strong><br />Crossgate AG, a provider of business-to-business (B2B) integration and electronic data interchange (EDI), announced a strong positive response to its recently announced B2B 360° Services for use with SAP solutions. Customers around the globe are eager to learn about this new Business Ready Network solution that has the potential to effect profound changes to the landscape of the B2B infrastructure market, and 16 end users are already reaping the benefits.<br /><br />In today&#39;s global marketplace the speed of B2B transactions is dizzying. More than $1 million in e-commerce transactions takes place every six minutes. More than $1 billion in global trade occurs every hour. Operational efficiency depends on successful communication among all parties involved-suppliers, producers, assemblers, integrators, distributors and wholesalers, as disconnected processes can quickly cause major problems.<br /><br />With sharply increased outsourcing and ever-expanding global supply networks, business collaboration is critical to keep pace with the speed of change. Recognizing that technology must evolve for businesses to change effectively, Crossgate´s BPO services, "Powered by SAP," offer customers immediate electronic access to the global business community through B2B 360° Services. The strategic cooperation between Crossgate and SAP AG has been met with resounding applause.<br /><br />B2B 360° Services for use with SAP solutions provide customers with easy subscription and rollout to their electronic data interchange (EDI) partners, expert project management, fast migration and implementation and professional operations and support. The integration-on-demand solution is a plug-and-play service utilizing the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI) component…



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