Crossgate Adds Former Seeburger Executives to International Management Team

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<strong>Atlanta &mdash; March 10</strong><br />In the past weeks, Crossgate has intensified activities in international markets with expanded local offices in France, Great Britain and the U.S. The specialist for B2B integration and business process optimization increases its presence in Europe as well as the U.S. Expansion strengthens business relationships to internationally operating SAP clients.<br /><br />In German-speaking countries, SAP&#39;s partner Crossgate has quickly developed into one of the leading companies offering B2B solutions. It now extends operations worldwide with three subsidiaries. Crossgate, Inc. in North America introduces Scott Lewin as president, former president and CEO of Seeburger Inc. In Great Britain, Rakesh Harji brings many years of experience as an executive manager in the industry to Crossgate after four years as managing director for Seeburger UK Limited. In France, Didier Mamet has taken on the role of managing director for Crossgate France s.a.r.l. Both of them also previously managed Seeburger country organizations.<br /><br />Positioning Crossgate as a specialist for business network enablement in the SAP environment and marketing the B2B 360-degree services are among the challenges facing the new companies. With the largest and most rapidly growing B2B integration network, Crossgate offers a comprehensive B2B integration starting from digitization of paper-based processes to completely automated EDI as well as a quick migration and start-up. In addition to this, the immediate access to more than 40,000 business partners adds further benefits.<br /><br />"We are convinced that we can dominate the market with subsidiaries in each country and local expertise at hand. The international clients will benefit from our local presence," said Lewin. "Our unique approach to the business-ready network, e-invoicing and synergies with the SAP NetWeaver platform make us a logical choice for end users." The U.S. subsidiary will initially focus on the consumer products, high tech, automotive, oil, gas and pharmaceutical industries.<br /><br />France and Belgium present extremely dynamic markets influenced by international exchange. They are characterized by strong innovation in the various industry sectors, such as energy, automotive, aviation, financial management, chemical, pharmaceutical and transportation. Here you will find large businesses with international reputations and market leadership as well as small and medium-sized industry and technology businesses whose influence reaches far beyond regional and national borders. These are markets with a substantial need for solutions which function across-the-board, spanning industries and countries, solutions that make cost management and cost reduction possible and solutions that are as flexible and rapidly implemented as Crossgate solutions. For this reason, Crossgate offers a convincing response to the challenges of globalization.<br /><br />"B2B integration is a topic that worries companies worldwide. Crossgate offers a business-ready network which companies of all sizes &mdash; including all their suppliers, clients and business partners &mdash; can benefit," said Stefan Tittel, CEO and founder of Crossgate AG. "The formation of Crossgate Italia last year was the first international step and therefore also an important milestone for the business model validity abroad. With the formation of other companies abroad, we continue our internationalization. The on-site managing directors all have long-term experience in B2B and ERP at their disposal. The ensuing growing international network not only holds benefits for new Crossgate clients. Existing customers in German-speaking countries also stand to benefit from the newly connected international companies."<br /><br />SAP, SAP NetWeaver and other above-mentioned SAP products and services as well as all related logos are trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and other countries. All other mentioned companies, products and brand names could also be registered trademarks of SAP AG or other companies.<br />

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